Obrint Pas breaking through

“Obrint Pas”, which translates to  “clearing the way” or “breaking through”, is the name of one of the most famous Catalan bands. Their music is a mixture of ska, rock, punk, reggae and Catalan folklore. The band was one of the first ones to use of the traditional Catalan Dolçaina, a conically shaped, double reed instrument, which gives their sound a special touch.

Founded in 1993 in Valencia and initially consisting of the three friends Xavi Sarrià, Jordi Pitarch and Carles Garcia their first bigger success came in 1994, when they recorded their first demo and were one of the four winners of the competition “Tirant de Rock”. As a price they could contribute three songs to the album of the competition.

After that they became more and more popular especially through taking part in a variety of festivals. In 1997 they recorded their first album “La revolta de l´anima” (“Revolt of the soul”) which was followed in 2000 by the second one called “Obrint Pas” and in 2003 by “Terra” (“Earth”).

Their 2004 album “La Flama” reaped international success and the band had concerts in Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands. The song “La flama” became even more famous in October 2010 as part of the biggest Lipdub in the world (official world record) with 5771 people taking part. The video of the Lipdub has had more than 1.67 million hits and is well worth watching, as it features a lot of Catalan traditions and culture, among others Correcfoc (fire runs), Castells (human towers), Gegants (giants), Sardana (a traditional circle dance), Hoquei Patins (rollerskating hockey), ball de bastons (stick dance), Bitlles Catalanes (a sport bearing some similarities to bowling) and the Catalan national anthem “Els segadors” sung by thousands of people in the city of Vic:

In 2005 the band recorded their live album “En moviment” (“In movement”) which features different Catalan artists and was recorded in Valencia, where the band played in front of an audience of 10.000 people.

2006 the band went on their “Internacionalista Tour”,which included concerts in Germany, France, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Argentina, Norway, England, Italy, Chile, Slovenia and even Japan.

“Benvingut al paradís” (“Welcome to paradise”) was released in 2007. Perhaps inspired by their intenational experiences during the “Internacionalista Tour”, for this album the band co-operated with many musicians from all over the globe.

Their most recent album came in 2011 and is called “Coratge” (“Courage”). The band has just returned to Spain after playing several concerts in Germany as part of their “Coratge Tour”. Here some impressions from their concert in the Festsaal Kreuzberg in Berlin, Germany in February 2012, the song is “No tingues por” (“Don’t be afraid”):


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