The little team

“L’equip petit” (“The little team”) is the name of a fantastic 10min movie by directors Roger Gómez and Dani Resines and producer Christina Sànchez about a football team of 5 and 6 year old kids in  Vilanova i la Geltrú, a city 40km south-west of Barcelona. It won several awards in Spain, Italy, Germany and the Czech Republic, among which the well deserved “Best short movie” at the 11mm football film festival in Berlin.

The star of the movie is the Margatània football team (which consists of boys and girls attending the schools of Margalló and Cossetània), despite the fact that they are consistently and incredibly unsuccessful. They know they are not very good but they show a great attitude and never lack spirit and always have fun, which is what makes them so admirable and adorable.

The idea for the movie came to Roger Gómez when a relative told him about his child playing in this football team which loses big time every single time they play. He had a look and together with Dani Resines had the idea of making a little documentary. The movie “L’equip petit” is the first result and they put it online, originally for the kids and their parents to watch. The movie got viral and within a short time had a lot of views. They also tried to get it on Catalan TV but the TV station was not interested. However, as the movie became increasingly popular and famous, Catalunya Radio invited the directors, coach and kids and interviewed them live on air.

The movie may only be the beginning of something bigger, as the directors are thinking of making a bigger documentary, accompanying the Margatània team for a whole season.


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