The Caganer: the pooping figure in the nativity scene

Tió, the present shitting tree log is not the only scatological Christmas tradition in Catalunya. In fact, a while before tió gets around to delight everyone by pooping presents after receiving a good beating, the caganer (lit. “the pooper”) is already doing his business in nativity scenes around Catalunya. The Caganer is typically wearing black … Continue reading

Caga tió – this Catalan Christmas tradition is the shit!

Christmas time is full of traditions, that are often quiet and festive reflecting strong family values such as harmony and love. The Catalan habit of Caga tió is a tiny bit different. Sure, it brings family together and ends with presents and even more certainly it creates a lot of joy especially for children. As … Continue reading

Calçotada: Amb la teula a la taula – With the roof tile on the table

Two things Catalans are very proud of (and justifiably so!) are their food and their traditions. A Calçotada unites exactly those two things: Originally used to describe a rural folk celebration in Catalonia in an area around Valls (a town in the province of Tarragona) nowadays it usually refers to the act and gastronomical event … Continue reading